The Show

The show was recorded live every month from March 2017 until January 2019. It consisted of two episodes back to back. Each episode comprises a core story, interrupted by a guest monologue and a musical interlude. The show was recorded live in front of an audience. That recording is split into two smaller recordings and distributed as a podcast.

We don’t currently have any more live shows planned, but you can still hear all the episodes on our feed. You can help us by rating and reviewing us on iTunes, or your podcast app, buying some merchandise, or just by spreading the word and telling people about The Unseen Hour.

There are photographs of the show here.

We have a press release document with details of the show.

If you’d like to get in touch, we’re on social media or you can drop us an e-mail at

Creator James Carney also makes films. You can see those films here.

The Guests

Each episode has a musical guest, and a monologue written by a guest writer, and performed by a guest actor.