46 - LYSITHEA - The Bechdel-Kampf Test

Part 2 of 2. Both Prestoon and Strideforth attempt to not dissolve into a paste.

WARNING: This episode encountered some technical problems when it was recorded live, which has led to the sound quality being less than ideal throughout.

Continuing from the conclusion of the previous episode, Prestoon and Strideforth attempt to unpick the problem of a virus which could wipe out the human race - but are they dealing with a medical emergency, or ethical symbolism?...

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Written and produced by James Carney, performed by him, Joey Timmins, Deborah Pearson and Brice Stratford at The Old Red Lion. Monologue written by James Huntrods and performed by Danielle Winter. Guest music: Tom Moores. Recorded by Ella Watts, with emergency help from Hedley Knights. Support and advice from Andy Goddard.