50 - ADRASTEA - Epilogue: Murders Of A Dark Murder (Shut Down)

Strideforth attempts to [track down] a [snapping] [priest] and save the [coffee].

As a luxury witch, Strideforth enlists the help of a brilliant scientist, who is also some kind of robot vegetable, who, with the help of a blood-thirsty grendel, can locate... an internet nerd… who can help them… defeat?… a zombie… godzilla, maybe. Or gorilla…

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Written by “Angelica”, an advanced long short term memory recurrent neural network, and produced by James Carney, performed by him, Joey Timmins, and Brice Stratford at VAULT Festival. Monologue written by James Carney and performed by John Rayment. Guest music, theme music and live scoring: The Unrecorded (playing Europe Is Our Playground by Suede). Recorded by Ella Watts and Andy Goddard.