21 - THISBE - Cracks In The Walls

Strideforth attempts to take up residence in a new home with his family.

As an alcoholic novelist trying to finish his book, Strideforth moves into a large isolated house with his family, only to encounter an array of ghosts... and his own internal demons...

Guest writer and actor Karla Marie Sweet will be appearing in James Carney's new play THE THING THAT CAME TO DINNER at @VaultFestival. Unseen Things is currently seeking funding at www.kickstarter.com/projects/unseenhour/the-thing-that-came-to-dinner. We'd be grateful for your support.

Written by James Carney, performed by him, Joey Timmins and Brice Stratford. Monologue written and performed by Karla Marie Sweet. Guest musician: Heidi Gowthorpe. Produced by James Carney and Andy Goddard.